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Custom Note Cards created from a House Portrait

Custom Note Cards created from a House Portrait

In order to create your note cards and make them unique and one-of-a-kind we request a bit of information.

Please know that if there is something that you prefer to NOT include--that's fine. Or if there is something else you'd like to add--something we may not have thought of--then please feel free to let us know! We create each order uniquely and we are very willing to consider your ideas!

Custom note cards featuring a print of your house portrait on the front can be created exclusively for you! These exquisite note cards are blank on the inside and are a unique way to correspond with loved ones.

With every order we create a 5"x7" portrait of your new house and you will receive this portrait
FREE OF CHARGE!! If you'd like to upgrade to a larger sized portrait we will happily accommodate you for an added fee.

If you feel it would be easier to email or phone us with your information we are happy to accept your order that way, too - (724) 813-0796.

If you would like to order Blank Note Cards
proceed to the shopping cart below.

If you would like to order custom Moving Announcement Note Cards
***these are the custom note cards that include your new address information on the inside***
please click HERE
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Would you like to upgrade your portrait size?

If YES, then please choose the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below for the color and size you'd like to upgrade to. You will be taken to your shopping cart. Once there please verify your order then click the "Continue Shopping" button and you will be directed back to this page where you can continue below to order your note cards.

If NOT upgrading your portrait size then skip this section and proceed to order your note cards.

8"x10" Colored Pencil House Portrait...........Price $100.00
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8"x10" Graphite Pencil House Portrait..........Price $90.00
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11"x14" Colored Pencil House Portrait.........Price $150.00
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11"x14" Graphite Pencil House Portrait........Price $140.00
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Portrait color:
***Note: Only make a color selection if NOT UPGRADING PORTRAIT SIZE***

How many Blank Note Cards are you ordering?

Cardstock Color:

To place your order click the "BUY NOW" button below.

We will be in touch with you as soon as possible once your order is received. We will be sure to verify that all of the information we collected from the shopping cart is accurate.

If you plan to add any kind of greeting to your cards please let us know. We will collect this information from you after we contact you with your order information.

Remember, these cards are created JUST FOR YOU, so feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you might have concerning your note cards!

If NOT upgrading your portrait size then place your order for
Custom Blank Note Cards here:

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