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Artistic Renderings for Gifts - Keepsake Gifts
This is a classic newly built home that is very attractive! The owners had custom moving announcement cards created by us from their portrait.
When moving into your very first home, whether it's a brand new house or an older home with lots of charm, an artistic rendering of that house is a great way to celebrate your achievement!

At "Images of Home" we have created many artistic house renderings over the years! Many of these renderings were given as keepsake gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, housewarmings, house leavings or simply just because!

Below is a sampling of a few house portraits I have created along with small snippets detailing for whom they were created and why.

Artistic renderings in the form of house portraits are thoughtful keepsake gifts for those dear to your heart. Or how about having a portrait of home created just for yourself? You're special, too!

Artistic Renderings for Gifts - Keepsake Gifts


Both of these portraits were given as gifts from the children to their parents. After living in their respective homes for many years it was time to sell. Although a melancholy time,  the families chose to celebrate and preserve the memories of their beloved homes.

A portrait of your childhood home is a heartfelt way to remember your mom or your dad...after all aren't they the reason you have such wonderful memories of your youth?

If you are selling the home where you raised your family why not commission a house rendering to preserve the memories of your homestead! Or if your parents are selling the home where you were raised consider a portrait of their house as a 'house leaving' keepsake gift!


This portrait was a holiday gift from a wife to her husband. A beautiful home that is gray with dark gray shutters. The owner and I decided to make the front door red to show off the bright welcoming entrance, but keep the rest grayscale. To me the most important part of a house portrait is making sure the front door - the focal point of every house - is visible. I love how this one turned out!
This little green house is such a charming little home and one of my all time favorites to draw! A gift from a granddaughter to her grandmother - the granddaughter enjoyed many happy childhood days when she stayed at her grandmother's house so she chose to immortalize those heartwarming memories!


This portrait was created as a gift to a couple who had recently had their home renovated. A group of friends contacted me and bought a gift certificate for their friend. Then after all of the new landscaping was in place the recipient got in contact with me, submitted the photos of her lovely updated home and I created this portrait.
Character is just busting from the seams of this little building! To me the size of a house, or building as in this case, means nothing! Every structure has it's own personality and to pay attention to the differences is very interesting and informative!
This portrait of a small individually owned business was given as a holiday gift by the children to their father. What a wonderful way to commemorate the life's work of someone you love and respect!

Every building has it's own character and personality and each drawing is a new adventure for me!

I have created house portraits for a large number of people over the past several years. If you have any ideas concerning a drawing of any type of building or structure please feel free to share your thoughts with me!! I am more than willing to help however I possibly can!

This is an artistic rendering of the Supreme Court building in Erie, PA. It was created as a holiday gift from a mother to her daughter who is a lawyer.
This older 3 story home is so full of character and oozes charm! I just love it! A young couple moved in and had blank note cards created from the portrait.
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